UK: Fully-Funded Rhodes Scholarships (university of Oxford) for West Africans, 2020

Begin your journey for a higher degree with the Fully-funded Rhodes Scholarships. The Rhodes Trust is inviting West African applicants who wish to pursue their higher studies at the University […]

UK: Full and Partially Funded Enterprise Fellowships at the Royal Academy of Engineering, 2019

Do you love the idea of becoming an Enterprise Hub member at a reputable company in the UK? If you are going to say yes, then you must consider the […]

UK: Fully Funded University of Aberdeen BP MSc Integrated Petroleum Geosciences Scholarship, 2019

Sometimes getting a scholarship is not a piece of cake. But luckily, the University of Aberdeen is now accepting applications for BP MSc Integrated Petroleum Geosciences Scholarship in the UK. […]

UK: Fully Funded Newcastle University Clara Whittaker Music PhD Scholarship, 2019

Hoping to pursue a career in the field of Music? Here, you have an admirable opportunity to apply for the Clara Whittaker Music PhD Scholarship administrated by the Newcastle University. […]

UK: Full and Partially Funded opportunities for International Students in the University of York, 2019

In this highly competitive world, it will be great if you get some discount on your tuition fees for study. Therefore, the Physics Departmental graduate funding opportunities program is a […]

UK: Fully Funded David and Molly Pyott foundation grants in Ophthalmology, 2019

The University of Edinburgh is now welcoming students from individual countries to apply for the David and Molly Pyott foundation grants in Ophthalmology. A number of grants are available for […]