Indonesia: Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship Program for Students from Developing countries, 2017/2018

The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Repulic of Indonesia is pleased to announce the continuation of the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) scholarship program to support students from developing countries to get their master degree in Indonesian Universities.

Application Deadline: 30th May 2017

Eligible Countries: developing countries

To be taken at (country): Indonesia


About the Award: The scholarship is offered to potential students from developing countries to earn their Master Degree at one of 16 prominent universities in Indonesia. Officially launched in 2006 by the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, this program has been attracting a significant number of applicants, as by 2015, 896 students from 64 countries had been awarded this scholarship.

Fields of Study: Humanities, Science,  Engineering, Social Sciences

Type: Masters, Undergraduate


  1. Having maximum age of 35 year-old
  2. Having a bachelor degree for applying a master degree program
  3. Having a TOEFL /IELTS/other English Proficiency Certificate scores of 500/5. or equivalent
  4. Completing the on-line application form
  5. Signing a statement letter provided by the KNB Scholarship management for the successful candidates prior to the departure to Indonesia.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: The KNB Scholarship covers:

  1. A Settlement Allowance of IDR 1,000,000 will be given to new students upon their arrival in Indonesia;
  2. While taking the Indonesian language course and preparatory programs, the new students will only receive a Living Allowance of IDR 2,550,000 per month;
  3. During the Master Program, the KNB students will receive a scheme of monthly allowance as detailed in the guide book (link below)
  4. A health insurance with a maximum of IDR 200,000 monthly premium (In case of the cost of medical services exceeded to those covered by the health insurance, the difference should be borne by the student);
  5. A round-trip international airfare (economy class) from the international airport of the student’s home countries to Indonesia, including local transport to the host university;

Please be advised that the scholarship scheme will only sufficient to cover one person to living properly in most cities where the universities are located.

Other expenses beside above mentioned items will be considered as personal expenses and will be borne by the students.

Duration of Scholarship:

  • Indonesian Language Course and Master Preparatory Program: Maximum 12 months
  • Master Program: Maximum 24 months (4 semester)
  • Bachelor Program: Maximum 48 months (8 semester)

The online application process must be completed no later than May 30th , 2017; 2. Selection process will be conducted on the 1 st week of June 2017; 3. The selection result will be announced on the 4 th week of June 2017; 4. The students are expected to arrive in Jakarta on August 30th 2017; 5. Orientation will be organized in August 31st, 2017;

How to Apply: 

  1. Downloading the Invitation Letter posted in the KNB Scholarship website
  2. Submitting the Invitation letter, Passport, Academic Certificates and Academic Transcripts to the Indonesian Embassy to acquire the recommendation letter
  3. Sign Up and Complete the online application
  4. Receiving the selection result broadcasted online in the KNB Scholarship Website and/or officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network.

It is  important to visit the Scholarship Webpage for the Application requirements and documents before applying.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: Government of Indonesia




  1. Am fully much interested to study in Indonesia to have my Master’s Degree in Environmental Science , I will be happy if my application will be granted to enable me achieve my dreams as a B.tch Degree holder in Geology and Mining.Tanx.

  2. Mirriam Macharia

    In Kenya we undertake English as a course unit in high school. Do I need the English certification to apply?

  3. I’m Ayine Adams and a Nationality of the Republic of Ghana. I’m highly interested in the prescribed scholarship mention above, and I will be very glad if I get this chance to further my education. Please you may call me on +233-0544173513 if necessary. I’m counting on your usual cooperation. Thank you.

  4. Please I need more information about the bachelor’s degree scholarship.thanks..

  5. Iam abdiwali ibrahim hirad from Ethiopia. Iam highly interested in the prescribed scholarship mention above,and i will be very glad if I get this chance to further my education. Also i have bachelor degree of agriculture economic and extension.Please you can call on +251915204365 or

  6. I’m fikre yohannis I’m an Ethiopian, I’m very interested your scholarships, now I’m student in university, and I want join BSs in Account & finance, please …my phone +251924445410

  7. my name is korma Tufa i’m from Ethiopia. i have bachelor degree by agribusiness and value chain management, now i need to learn my master degree by economics or related field in Indonesia so please how can i get the chance?

  8. I am engineering student from Ethiopia so I am intersted to join your school also my performance is gteat distiction

  9. My name is Patrick from Kenya. English language is taught and examined in both primary and secondary schools in Kenya. It is also the official language and courses in universities are taught using the language. I am a degree holder, do I need have language certification?

  10. am Ashenafi from Gambella University, Ethiopia with M.Sc in Numerical Analysis. I’ll love to see an invitation for Ph.D in the same field of specialization.

  11. my name is Ptrick Korir from kenya a gradute, in our education system English is the main teaching language and it is one of the examined subjects both in primary school and secondary school the grades scored are in my certificate. In the university course work is in English. Do I Need have a language certification still ?

  12. my name is Patrick Korir from kenya a gradute, in our education system English is the main teaching language and it is one of the examined subjects both in primary school and secondary school the grades scored are in my certificate. In the university course work is in English. Do I Need have a language certification still ?

  13. my name is Patrick Korir from Kenya an undergradute, in our education system English is the main teaching language and it is one of the examined subjects both in primary school and secondary school the grades scored are in my certificate. In the university course work is in English. Do I Need have a language certification still ?

  14. Abdiwali ibrahim

    My name is Abdiwali ibrahim. Am fully much interested to study in Indonesia to have my bachelor Degree in Agriculture Science , I will be happy if my application will be granted to enable me achieve my dreams as approved

  15. I am a Gambian national residing in the Gambia. I was pleased by your advertisement. I am very interested to study at your university am graduate from the university of the Gambia with honours in my first degree

  16. Thanks you. I’m from Ethiopia l am BSc degree in physics but I want to attend MSc in any field of physics in your University.

  17. artikson muhoozi

    thanks alot for this opportunity

  18. Hi, what is my chance of winning this scholarship with a CGPA of 3.5 to study chemistry(

  19. Hi

    Our official language is English and I attended both primary and secondary school were is the only means of communication. I have good grades in English when I sat the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) conducted by the West Africa Examination Council (WACE). Do I need to present another English proficiency test beside that?.

    Thank you

  20. Electrical engineering

  21. Dear KNB
    I am highly interested to take my masters program if u give the chance. I have BSC degree in statistics
    Simegnew, from Ethiopia

  22. owono nhiomog emmanuel

    dear, i speak french can i have information in french?

    • Yes you can, you can select your desired language on the site. Translate is either on the sidebar (If you are using PC) or Scroll down if you are using mobile

  23. I am Fred from Liberia. I holder of BSC degree in economic. My # +2310886551264

  24. electrical power(msc program)

  25. Hi am Abdullahi Hussein from Kenya. Is the scholarship program open for those who wish to apply for undergraduate courses. What Are the requirements for admission?

  26. Am Suleiman from Nigeria please is it necessary for me to have international passport before I can apply.

  27. I am Nigerian and I have a medical laboratory assistant and technician certificates and want apply for Bachelor degree In Chemical engineering. I am currently working with one University here as Lab. Technician. I am 27. Please am I eligible for this scholarship?

  28. I am Nigerian and I have a medical laboratory assistant and technician certificates and want apply for Bachelor degree In Chemical engineering. I am currently working with one University here as Lab. Technician. I am 27. Please am I eligible for this scholarship?

  29. thanks I am waseme Ronald from Uganda 256757989524 .I appreciate you for thinking about us

  30. Gemechis Fikadu Negasa

    Nationality: ETHIOPIAN
    Student of: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 3rd Year at Ambo University
    GPA: 2.79

  31. I am interested in the scholarship

  32. Mohammed S. Kamara

    I am Mohammed S. Kamara, a Liberian Professional. I did my high school education in English and my undergraduate degree in English. I do not have a TOEFL test result, can i apply. I earned my Undergraduate degree in Management Major and Economics minor and graduated in 2009.



  34. My name is Temam Gabi,firstly i needs to thanks you to give this chans for us.I am BSC nursing first year university student,I wasn’t to study my first degree in your university.Thank you

  35. dear Im Tessema Taye from Ethiopia I have first degree with applied biology and I need to learn MSc with related fields please contact me on +251916369360 or

  36. Mshingilwa, Seleka Casian

    I am still completing my Bachelor Degree in Arts with Education in the third year, last semester wchich ends in June 30th this year at the University of Dar es salaam. Thus, I don’t have a degree certificate till I finish but I have a Provisional result statement, so, am I allowed to apply for study by using such documents?

  37. I’m Kedir Bonso in Africa Content from Ethiopians country .I am 1st degree holder in maths from Hawassa Unversity know I wann to learn 2nd degree in releted me by

  38. F. Victor S. B. Gbelee

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am F. Victor S. B. Gbelee a Liberian national with a High School Diploma and Undergraduate Degree in English Language.
    I earned my first degree in Agricultural Major and Integrated Rural Development Minor from the Cutting University in Liberia 2008.
    I do not have TOEFL Test Result, can I apply?

  39. i am a nurse educator cordinating a midwifery program in the Gambia. I am 29 years old and wants to study in areas related to reproductive health, education, public health and human psychology. i have a higher national diploma (advanced diploma). I am i eligible?


    Am Issahaku Mohammed Awal from Ghana.I have diploma in Integrated community development and want to do bachelor degree in a

  41. My name is mathia mrindoko from Tanzaniai have bachelor degree of education specifically Geography and English.But I m desire to have master’s degree in your country. Thank you

    • Richard Quayson

      Hi KNB,
      I am a Ghanaian and have bachelor’s degree in Inte grated Community Development Studies. I would like to pursue naster’s degree in Envirinmental Management under your offer. Do i still need the English test to be eligible considering the fact that English is my official Language and have written exams in english. Thank you.

  42. Thanks for the opportunity.Dr I’m erdachew burko from Ethiopia I have diploma with electronics and I need to learn electrical engineering.PLC contact me on +251939538279,I’m too much interested….

  43. How can I submit my documents
    And can I submit my waec result showing my English test,

  44. Deadline 30 April in the Scholarship Webpage

  45. Hi, am interested in your on going scholarship programme AUSTRALIA to be specific, but how do I go about applying.

    #pls,forward me reply via my e_mail I’D ; BLUEBROTHER_007@YMAIL.COM
    Shall be expecting your reply soon!!


  46. Dear, I’m Azage Ango from Ethiopia firstly thank u for this chance. I have BSc. in chemistry and i want learn MSc. in related field in your University
    Please contact by :

  47. tadesse ayalneh

    my name is Tadesse Ayalneh from Ethiopia and i wanna study bachelors degree in leadership. i like to study abroad because i think there is a better education system so that i can acquire knowledge.
    if you, contact me +251922538528

  48. Am a Ugandan that is interested in in a full scholarship, what are the requirements and how can I apply

  49. Do I have to get an admission to the university before I apply for the scholarship .?

  50. Jacintha ochayi

    Is it possible to study medicine for bachelors?

  51. David John Bangura

    I am David John Bangura from sierra leone ,i hav a BSc degree in peace and conflict studies and i want to do my masters in public administration. As a english speaking country i did my course in english,do i need TOEF certificate to be qualified?

  52. S. Alexander Yougbah, Jr.

    I’m a Liberian, 29 years of age and I would like to apply for a bachelor program.
    Just want to know if Liberia is on your list as one of the developing countries.

  53. I have a diploma in Environmental health sciences. Am Kenyan and interested in the scholarship,, English as a language is reflected in our certificates,,,,

  54. please how can I apply for the scholarship.

    • If you read the article properly, you would find a link to the official web page or application form (both link can be available sometimes).

  55. Hi am Carol Namuddu from uganda and always wished to further my studies in indonesia i hold a bacholrs degree in development studies and would like to kindly beg to be offered this schollarship because it has always been my dream making a change in my country

  56. Joel lukyamuzi

    Am joel lukyamuzi,21 years from africa uganda,,i completed my advanced level,,with 15 points in biology,chemistry,and maths,,sub computer & general paper,,now i need to get a schorlaship in bachelor of medicine and surgery,,pharmacy,or bio med laboratory,,if any present,,am looking forward for your turn over thks

  57. Yohannes Legesse Woregna

    I am Yohannes Legesse Woregna.I was born on October 19,1976,in Ethiopia and I am 40. I have recived my B.A with History and Heritage Managment from Wollega University in Sep,2014 by scoring 3.72. I have 4 Children whom I growing Up them and beside this my Wife is attending Second year College Course. As aresult of the Shortage of Finance, I am forced to look for other Soponser Ship.So Wish that you give attention and pirority to my appilication to enable me to conduct Master programme in your Country. With Thanks ! Contact in of :- Mobile,+251947267718 Emial address . yohanneslegesse1910@gmail.Com

  58. olenge thomas ocen


  59. Henah Koilor Palay

    I am interested in obtaining a scholarship from the IIndonesia scholarship program. Am a Liberian lives in Monrovia, West Africa. I obtained my first degree in 2015.. With love and best wishes. Your obedient servant, Henah Koilor Palay

  60. Akindulu Ayodeji Samuel

    Hi, i have a B.Tech in Microbiology,FUTA, Nigeria. I just got the information and i need to verify some things if i could still meet up with my Application.
    1. Am i to submit or attach those documents to a mail or submit by hand to their Embassy here in Nigeria. If yes to the formal, can i have the mail?
    2. I have a letter that certify my proficiency in English from the Institution I Graduated from, stamped with their letter headed paper. Is this applicable?

  61. I have a bachelor’s Degree in Education Arts particularly in English Literature, do I still have to do the test? I have completed my degree studies but still awaiting graduation, do a stand a chance?

  62. I have BSc in Agricultural engineering, I’m interested with scholarship, I have G. P. A 3.2

  63. Theophylux Z. During, II

    I earned a Sociology Degree and hailed from Liberia. I have have got keen interest in studying at one of your university. Could you kindly give me details on how do one get enrolled at any of your institution?

  64. Abdurrasheed Abubakar Hussain

    I’m Abdurrasheed Abubakar Hussain I have a bachelor of information technology, and I conducted all my studies since from primary school till now with English language . am I still need any English proficiency test. The last question is I download this form before the deadline but couldn’t able to fill it due to lack of information on his to process the application.

  65. Hi Scholarship Committee,

    It is a unique idea to offer such a program that focus on building up the faith of young Christians in contributing to the growth of the christian faith in their respective countries.
    Even though I am not from one of the countries listed for the scholarship program, but am very much interested and believe that if afforded the opportunity, l can contribute in serving a mission journey in any of the mentioned countries.

    Remember in Mattehew 28:19, Christ commanded us to go an make disciples in all nations an he promise to be with us to the end of the age.
    l would also like to recommend that other African countries be included in your program

  66. I have earned my bachelor degree in applied sciencel. I have very extended willingness if win this schoolar to learn at your institution

  67. Please I need more information about the bachelor’s degree scholarship.thanks..

  68. Am 22 and proficient in English language speaking and writting. I am very much interested in joining one of the Indonesia universities UNDER scholarship. I wish you help grant me this opportunity. Am a high school leaver and want to major in Mass Communication and Journalism Practices. Please Help!

  69. please my name is Benjamin from Ghana am interested in this scholarship

  70. I am interested in the undergraduate programme.

  71. birhanu tamirat

    i am birhanu i have first degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) in mekelle university, Ethiopia. i need for further study MSc in microbiology, pathology, veterinary public health, infectious disease and global hralth or other related course. please help me how can i get scholarship i have great financial problem for further going on.

  72. birhanu tamirat

    hello my dear
    i am from Ethiopia which is found in eastern African continent it is under developed country .
    i will first degree in veterinary science in Mekell University, Ethiopia in this week. i need for further study that is MSc degree program it could be microbiology, pathology, veterinary public health, epidemiology or other related course. please help me how i can get scholarship .
    African continent the greatest problem which faced for further study is financial problem considering this please allocate and support me. financial problem is challenging for me.



  73. Mugonyi Andrew a Ugandan with a deploma in clinical medicine but wants a scholarship to study bachelor’s in medicine and surgery. How can I get this chance

  74. Hello breathers &sisters who works in this office my name is Mubarak geda from Ethiopia &i am bachelor student in wcu university I wanna to get your free scholarship God like helpings of people’s thank you to offering this program specially to developing countries


    I’m Lucas Benedict Florian from Tanzania a diploma holder in General Agriculture I’m very interesting in scholarship programmes based on BSc in Agricultural economics or any relating course according to courses which are offered, I’m fluent in English language as we lern as a subject also learning language.

  76. Am intrested but dont have the English certificate, and want to go for my master, can I apply.

  77. Miressa Belay Dibaba

    I am Miressa Belay from Addis Addis/Finfinne, Ethiopia. I have graduated in two Bachelor degrees in Economics and Management and Master of Art in Development Studies. I am in need of PhD program from your esteemed institution.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

  78. My name is Damtew Dawit I’m from Ethiopia and I’m a graduate of BA Degree in Sidaamu Afoo/Mother Tongue under school of language & communication studies. I have 7 years experience of teaching. Currently I’m lecturing Sidaamu Afoo at Hawassa Unversity and I want to study the following fields in your organization. My contact address is +251916167710
    1. MA in Linguistics
    2. MA in TEFL
    3. MA in Sociology
    4. MA in Psychology and soon

  79. Am fredrick warui from Kenya… Am interested in masters in business administration…. Am currently a holder of bachelor’s degree in maths /business studies…how can I get a chance….email…
    Phone no 0728492726

  80. first thank for give thie opporunity i have master degree in the felid of bisines adiministration now i want educate phd from your university plese help me becaus of i have a great motivation to learn

  81. Annan Essel Ellen

    how can I apply and will I be offered admission by September if I apply now

  82. Kindly assist me to get the scholarship

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